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What’s a Classcorder?

A few years ago nobody knew what an “action cam” or “helmet cam” was, and now they’re so taken for granted that if you don’t have one or two in your car trunk you’re not up-to-date.

The developers behind Lecture Creator feel that our new LC series recorders are so new and feature rich that they, too, might launch a new product category in the industry. Why? These devices:

  • Serve as a hi-def camera with a wide range of interchangeable fixed, varifocal or zoom lenses.
  • Recording is done directly to a highly compressed MP4 file that may be uploaded directly to content sites.
  • The unit can live-stream concurrently while recording.
  • The files created can be automatically uploaded to content servers.
  • It’s simple to setup automatic scheduling for recording.
  • A variety of web and serial command interfaces enable control of the device.
  • It will even email you when you need some notifications.

These features are ideal for lecture capture, lecture creation, performance capture and event capture (as described in our post on Lecture Capture and Creation ).

So we’re looking for a good name to refer to this class of devices. There’s nothing like it on the market. There are some video-conference cameras that do streaming, but no recording or scheduling or uploads. Some security cameras are IP-Network based, but their feature set is aimed at a different market (face recognition or license plate reading). A term like “Video Recorder” shortchanges all this unit can do. How about “Classcorder” or “Lecture-Cam” or “Class-cam”?

We’re open to suggestions on names and feature lists. And tell us about similar products.