Wall-Mount Adapter

The PR-MINI recorders can be easily mounted in a permanent position in a room through use of the wall mount adapter kit.

The recorders come with a tripod mounting plate that screws onto the recorder case in many different orientations. The normal orientation of the recorder is vertical with the lens on the left as you face the front plate. The suggested position for the plate is on the top of the case directly above the lens opening. This will not interfere with cables exiting the bottom of the recorder and will keep the bulk of the weight below the plate itself.

The adapter has five components: a wall mount ring, two extension tubes or spacers, an adjustment ball and a ceiling clip. These can be used in any combination desired.

For a typical wall mount, fasten the mounting ring to the wall surface, add on or more of the spacers to the ring and then attach the adjustment ball and recorder case to the assembly.

To avoid any loss of function, use cable ties to secure the power, ethernet and USB cables to spacers.