The LC recorders offer many built-in methods to offload and distribute content: automatic upload to YouTube, Google Drive, Kaltura, Box, FTP servers, Opencast Server, NCast Gallery and a USB stick.

For universities and colleges, the Opencast server project (an open-source content management system) has proven to be a cost-effective substitute for high priced, proprietary commercial solutions. Support is provided only through the Opencast community and its forums and mailing lists.

For many users, the NCast Gallery cloud service offers a cost-effective solution for upload, storage, playback and live-streaming of captured video content.

To purchase or try out the NCast Gallery, simply pick the level of service you wish to use, specify the amount of storage desired and use the quantity to pay for the number of months of operation and then checkout. Your server will be launched and ready within hours.

The server software launched is the latest stable release and will be updated when new packages become available.