The recorders on this site are based on high-end multi-thousand dollar units that have been field-proven and installed at prestigious universities and other academic institutions.

The units featured here, however, are video recorders only and do not currently capture the Powerpoints or VGA graphics as some of the more expensive lecture capture systems do. They record and stream hi-def video (1080-p30) and audio which can be used in conjunction with the lecturer’s notes to provide a student with a reasonable capture and record of what happened during the class.

The low cost of these units open up a new set of possibilities to use these devices as lecture-creation stations (similar to the One-Button Studio offering from U. Penn) or as recorders for systems like the “Learning Glass”.

The LC-100 and LC-110 models have identical operating software and features and the only real difference is provision of an external higher quality optical lens. The lineup:

  • LC-100-A — Factory fixed lens in an aluminum case.
  • LC-100-B — Factory fixed lens in a black anodized case.
  • LC-110-A — Optional external zoom or fixed lens in an aluminum case.
  • LC-110-B — Optional external zoom or fixed lens in a black anodized case.

The external lens is used where the focal length (wide-angle or telephoto) needs to be adjusted to frame the picture properly (shot of the podium, white-board, chalkboard or whatever).

All models are able to stream and record and then automatically upload the archived content to various distribution points such as YouTube or Kaltura. The complete automation of this process (scheduling, recording, upload) differentiates these units from simple camera recording or use of other network-IP cams.