Installation and Setup

There are a few easy steps to get your Lecture Creator Recorder/Streamer up and running:

  1. Unpack the unit and plug in the Micro-USB power supply, your ethernet cable (if you will be using a wired connection) and an HDMI monitor (if you have one). Power on the unit. Make note of the Serial Number (needed for wireless access and administrative access).
  2. Initial configuration can be done via wireless. Look for a wireless network with an SSID similar to AP-xxxxxxxxxxxx and use the serial number of your unit as the password to sign in. Alternatively, plug the unit into an ethernet network with DHCP and check the attached HDMI monitor for the registered IP address.
  3. Enter “” if on wireless or the IP address if wired and login using “admin” as the user and the “serial number” as the password.
  4. Proceed to the “Configuration” tab and click on the Network icon. Configure your wireless or wired network as needed. For improved security, change the default SSID, wireless password and admin password. Disable the access point if it will not be used. Be sure to make note or your new passwords.
  5. Go to the Quick Start page and press Start to start recording and then Stop when you have finished.
  6. Visit the Archives page and download your recording. You’re done!
  7. Reboot the unit (icon in the upper right corner) and login with the new network address.
  8. If you’ve purchased a Wall Mount Adapter take a look at the tutorial page for ideas on proper mounting.
  9. Once the recorder is up and running you’ll need to adjust and focus your lens.