USB Room Audio

The PR-MINI recorders require USB audio input to function. There is no analog input for microphone-level or line-level balanced or unbalanced audio.

If the room is already equipped with some type of sound system, or if the user is using a mixer board or simply a professional-style balanced audio (XLR) microphone, then a balanced audio to USB converter of some type is required.

The adapter offered on this site converts mic-level or line-level balanced audio to USB and easily integrates with most professional sound systems. The adapter has a built-in volume control and is powered via the USB connector and cable.

There are many such adapters on the market and we have tested and approved the following models:

  • Shure X2u
  • Icicle Microphone to USB converter
  • MXL USB Mic Mate
  • Cables with the C-Media Chip (e.g. AGPtek, HDE)

There may be others not listed here, and you may try them, but we only guarantee support for the above list.