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Learning Glass or Lightboard?

Actually, they are two names for the same device. It’s a writing surface illuminated at the edges by LEDs. Instructors like the ability to face their audience.

“The newest addition to Goedl’s teaching toolbox is a light board, which she writes on as she records introduction lectures for each new course topic. The lecture capture tool allows her to face the camera while writing on a transparent surface. Light board technology also reverses whatever is written on the board during recording, so viewers do not see the content backwards.

The result is an innovative video lecture in which instructors appear to be writing in midair. The polished look keeps students interested and allows them to view the board and the instructor’s face during the entire lecture. During the traditional lecture format, instructors turn their backs to students in order to write on the board. In this process they may even block students’ view by standing in front of the board.”